July 28th - August 3rd @ 7pm

What is AXIOS?

The word ἄξιος (axios) is the Greek word for 'worthy' in English. The goal of this event is for anyone in attendance [6th - 12th grade] to discover that they are, in fact, worthy despite what the rest of the world might tell them. YOU ARE WORTHY! Come find out just what that looks like and feels like and experience being wrapped in the arms of Jesus! This will be a week long event with music from artists around the country and powerful speakers!

If you are interested in discovering "YOUR WORTH" click RSVP for the AXIOS event and come find out  on July 28th at 7pm ! 

Where is AXIOS?

Overflow Church
8115 Old Lexington Road
Winston Salem, NC 27107

AXIOS is completely FREE!

RSVP here!

AXIOS is in partnership with Overflow Church and other ministries to make this event happen! 

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